Victomedic Professional Toenails Nipper 12cm Barrel Spring


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Victomedic Professional Toenails Nipper 12cm Barrel Spring! Serrated Handle! Back Lock Handle German Stainless Steel.

For a person with rugged feet and tough toenails! there are the Victomedic toenail nippers. Designed for heavy duty clipping, these thick stainless steel nippers can handle any toenail mishap. Made in Germany  by Victomedic professional designers! the jaws are angled and concave! so your cuts are executed with mastered style and precision.

The blades are also specially shaped so that you can access between the nail and the skin with delicate ease. To keep your instrument in top condition! these nippers comes installed with a lock plate! securing the jaws together and ensuring that the blades are protected. If you’re seeking high caliber craftsmanship and high-tech design! you can trust that these nippers will hold you in good.

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