Professional Pedicure Nail Cutter 15cm Double Action Full Moon Serrated Handle German Stainless Steel

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Manicure and Pedicure

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Heavy Duty Toenail Double Action Nail Nippers can cut the Toughest Toe Nails

Common Uses: Toenail trimming, Thick nails cutting, Pedicure Ingrown nails clipping

Salient Features: Surgical-grade raw material German stainless steel Heavy duty Rigid construction

Textured handle for secure grip Concave jaws for ingrown nails Precise machine work Corrosion resistance

Victomedic Professional Quality, Heavy Duty Nail Nippers are manufactured from Surgical Grade German Stainless Steel and last longer without getting blunt.

Rigid construction and compound action provide extra heavy-duty trimming, terrific leverage, and allow it to handle the toughest jobs easily and quickly. Even the toughest Toe Nails can be cut easily.

Concave blades can reach even ingrown nails. Our nippers are passivated, it’s a process that makes instruments rust-resistant.

Strong Barrel Spring for smooth working and textured handle for secure grip make cutting easy with safety precaution lock. All Victomedic Nippers are made of Surgical Grade German Stainless Steel,

Our Tools are used by professionals.

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