Victomedic Professional Eyelash Extension Tweezer Stainless Steel




  • Victomedic professional eyelash extension tweezers tips are tightly closed! You can pick up 0.03mm volume lashes or tinier hairs easily!
  • High Precision! Laser cutting technology achieves perfectly aligned from different angles! Eyelashes can be picked up easily without falling off!
  • Good Hardness without Deforming! Special heat treatment improves the plasticity and toughness of eyelash tweezers tips! it is not easy to deform!
  • Appropriate Elasticity! Low resistance! you can easily close the lash extension tweezer tips! Rebound easily! rebound to its original position without other assistance!
  •  Curved lash tweezers are suitable for picking up big premade fans and easy fan volume lashes!
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